The Mobile Leprechaun Lives On

amateur_sketchUsually I only hear about this story a few times a year outside of St. Patrick’s Day.

Along with former co-anchor Nikole Patrick, I introduced the story during a newscast. We are forever linked to the legend that has become a YouTube phenomenon (more than 10 million views). Last night I heard from several people who said the leprechaun story made yet another national TV appearance.

I recorded last night’s replay and watched the broadcast of The O’Reilly Factor this afternoon. Bill O’Reilly led a panel discussion about the story and whether it played on racial stereotypes. Panelists Jane Skinner and Courtney Friel defended the story as something humorous and light done a few days before St. Patrick’s Day in 2006. O’Reilly said if he would have been the news director he wouldn’t have run the story.

I agree with Skinner and Friel. It’s one of the funniest videos you’ll ever see. And like Skinner said, it would have been just as funny if the story was shot in O’Reilly’s Long Island neighborhood.

Last night’s chat led to this article in today’s Mobile Press-Register.

Here’s a link to the infamous video.

Little known fact: The original amateur sketch (pictured above) was auctioned on eBay. It sold for more than $1,000. The proceeds were donated to charity.