Mackel Mania


Ted Jackson / The Times-Picayune

Check out the article from yesterday’s Times-Picayune about my colleague, WDSU sports anchor Fletcher Mackel. Nice write-up by Dave Walker previewing WDSU’s specials wrapped around the Falcons/Saints Monday Night Football game.

Covering the team’s success as a news story in a place where the civic mood is so tied to its performance – while meeting the fans’ enthusiasm level without going over the top, if that’s possible — is tricky.

Too much enthusiasm for the home team, and you risk offending the branch of seen-it-all Saints fandom that monitors the team through corneas burned by four decades of mostly disappointment — fans who remain guardedly skeptical even during this magical-so-far season.

Too little, and you risk offending the black-and-gold-bleeding plurality.

“We grew up cheering for the Saints, loving the Saints,” Mackel said. “I do think I can be objective, be a professional and also enjoy the ride.”