Behind the Scenes: Ida Coverage


Camille Whitworth and Me

We were in storm mode yesterday, spending all day and night covering Tropical Storm Ida. From what I could tell (I was on the set most of the time), we provided a lot more coverage than any other TV station in New Orleans. I’ve covered plenty of tropical storms and hurricanes, but this was my first time working storm coverage with the gang at WDSU. Obviously, they had been through this drill before. It was like a well-oiled machine. The reporters in the field did great work and I felt like we provided excellent news and weather information from the studio. Ida wasn’t a major weather event, but it was a great test run for local parishes; a mild, late-season storm to test safety improvements and protocols put into place since Hurricanes Katrina and Gustav.

Kudos to the WDSU News team on a great job.

Here are a few behind the scenes pics from yesterday’s coverage:


Fletcher Mackel, newsman


Norman Robinson and Me


Chief Meteorologist Margaret Orr


  1. Anonymous says:

    Margaret Orr had a weather picture made by our grandchild…Madison Trosclair on her weather show on 2/30/12. Is there any way you can send a video of this broadcast to
    Thank you

    • Unfortunately we don’t make copies of the newscasts. You can contact Target Video — they record the newscasts and make dubs. (504) 456-6747