Mayoral Candidates on Twitter (Update)

Updating the post below from earlier this week, New Orleans mayoral candidate Nadine Ramsey is now on Twitter. Follow her at @NadineRamsey.



I don’t know how you can run for public office these days and NOT be on Twitter. Right now, Nadine Ramsey is the only candidate not using the social networking tool. Here are the rest, via Gambit’s Blog of New Orleans.

Rob Couhig: @CouhigPartners
John Georges: @JohnGeorges2010
Troy Henry: @TroyHenry
Leslie Jacobs: @Leslie_Jacobs
Ed Murray: @MurrayForMayor
James Perry: @JamesPerry2010

Click here for links to the candidates’ web sites (Rob Couhig doesn’t have one of those yet, although he hasn’t officially announced he’s a candidate either).