Super Saints

It’s hard to believe that we’re all witnessing the greatest season in the history of the New Orleans Saints franchise.

Right now.

Eagles/Saints | Feb. '07

At no other time in the past 42 years has the team been any better or more successful than it is today. I thought 2006 was great, with the re-opening of the Superdome and all the emotion and success that came with that season. We were still living in Mobile at the time, and the three games I made it to that year were the Falcons (Dome re-opening), Eagles (divisional playoff game) and the NFC Championship game at Soldier Field in Chicago. Not a bad trio. Given the Saints’ past, if any year felt like THE year, it was 2006.

Soldier Field | Feb. '07

Then we moved to Orlando for two years and the Saints missed the playoffs for two years. So much for momentum. It was still nice having the DirecTV Sunday Ticket package.

But now we’re back in New Orleans during the best 10 game run this city has ever seen. I get to go to games again and help cover the team for WDSU, which I haven’t done since 1998 when I worked at WLBT in Jackson, Miss.

Mondays are so much better after a Saints victory. And I haven’t had a bad Monday since we moved back in August.

For so many seasons, as long as I can remember during my 34 years, Saints fans have wondered aloud if “this is the year.” Not only could this year really be THE year, but a Saints trip to Miami for Super Bowl XLIV would coincide with presumably the team’s best finish and a record-setting season offensively and defensively.

Here’s hoping for a few more happy Mondays. And one Super Sunday on February 7th.

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