Monday Night Saints Wrap

Saints wide receiver Devery Henderson scores on a 75-yard touchdown catch.

Saints quarterback Drew Brees said at the beginning of this season that this Saints team was special. Could he have possibly envisioned this? Probably not, but the ride sure is fun.

I’ve covered news and sports for 15 years and covered a lot of major events during that time, including Super Bowl XLIII in Tampa this year. And I can tell you this — there wasn’t as much energy at that game as there was in the Superdome last night. That game goes right up near the top of my “most memorable” list. The Dome was as loud as I’ve ever heard it.

If you’ve been a Saints fan like me for as long as you can remember, you’re painfully aware of the team’s history of falling short of expectations. Crumbling in crunch time. Flopping on a national stage. You’ve lived through more blown leads and last-second, heart-breaking losses than you can count. Being a Saints fan can be hazardous to your health. Or at least it used to be.

Long-suffering Saints fans have yet to experience a Monday after a Saints loss this season. Or a Tuesday. The city of New Orleans is probably more productive because of it. Is it being too optimistic to imagine an undefeated regular season, a Super Bowl matchup with the undefeated Indianapolis Colts and a win in the biggest game in the history of the New Orleans franchise?

Probably not. This team is special.

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