MNF Ratings Huge for WDSU

WDSU was the station of choice for New Orleans-area viewers to watch Monday night’s Saints/Patriots showdown in the Superdome. The game, broadcast nationally by ESPN, was shown locally by WDSU, which bought the rights to air the game. Not only did the game itself draw exceptionally well, but our pre-game and post-game shows easily outdrew ESPN’s programming.

The Times-Picayune’s Dave Walker writes, “Most New Orleans viewers chose WDSU (43.4 rating/54.4 share) over ESPN (23.3/29.3), with the game driving large audiences to the local station’s pre-game (20.2 rating) and post-game (29.6) specials.”

The combined rating for the game on ESPN and WDSU was 66.7, with each rating point representing about 6,340 homes.

The combined share measurement for Monday’s game, representing the viewership percentage in homes with a TV set in use, was 83.7.

Once the final numbers are determined today, Monday’s game could end being the most-watched program in the history of cable.