USTREAM for iPhone

USTREAM has been around for a while, but the iPhone app is new. And it’s incredible. This is the type of thing that could revolutionize the way breaking news and news in general is covered.

In a nutshell, USTREAM on the iPhone gives the user the ability to broadcast live on the internet from anywhere with an internet connection. A lot of TV stations have used Skype, but that still requires a laptop and webcam. Not USTREAM. With the camera rolling on the iPhone, it’s a live truck in your pocket without the dirty cables, clunky generators and slow-to-rise masts.

TV stations can even embed the live broadcast player into their websites. Reporters can live stream news conferences, breaking news and updates on the way to a scene. “Phoners” could quickly become obsolete.

Last night I did a 15-minute behind-the-scenes piece at WDSU. When I went live on USTREAM it sent out a tweet to my Twitter followers to let them know and viewers clicked the link in droves. It’s very interactive — the live chat and poll features are pretty neat. The video quality on my iPhone 3GS is great.

Here is the link to my USTREAM broadcast page. Follow me on Twitter and you’ll find out when my next live stream is happening. I’m a tech geek and this is, by far, one of the coolest things I’ve ever worked with. Check it out.

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