Good Luck Charm? Don’t Doubt the Pillow!

Only in New Orleans.

The text and picture below is from The Gambit’s Best of New Orleans Blog:

This week, it was the fourth quarter, and somehow the Atlanta Falcons managed to force a 23-23 tie.

It was time to activate the SuperSaints power of the Ernie & Antoinette K-Doe Sofa Pillow.

…and bam!

Suddenly Randall Gay was creaming Eric Weems … Jonathan Vilma was making an interception … and the MOJO WAS BACK.

The pillow don’t eff around, people.

We offered an exclusive on its miraculous recuperative qualities to the first local TV station smart enough to realize what a scoop they had on their hands, and Scott Walkerof WDSU-TV promptly placed dibs on it.

A Pinkerton truck and armed guards will be arranged this week to transport the Ernie & Antoinette K-Doe Sofa Pillow of Victory to the WDSU studios (if not the Superdome!), and we’ll keep you posted on when you can receive its miracle healing powers through your TV set.
The Pillow is quickly becoming known as a major mojo-producing force. Careful, Gambit. This power in the hands of the wrong people could be very dangerous.
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