Damaged Mojo

The Ernie and Antoinette K-Doe lucky pillow. At least it used to be lucky.

Everything was going swimmingly for the Saints until I helped introduce the New Orleans-area to a certain good luck charm. First I wrote about it, then did a story about it. Then the Saints lost for the first time this season.

I touched the pillow. I even took a picture with it. I take full responsibility for wrecking The Pillow’s powerful mojo.

In the spirit of the Christmas season, I apologize to Kevin Allman, The Pillow’s owner, and Saints fans everywhere. Here’s hoping The Pillow can recover in time for the stretch run.


  1. That’s alright. I’m a native New Orleanian who have watched my Saints through thick and thinfrom day 1. They’ll be ok this week…(all you need to do to get the mojo back is either let the dog lay on it or eat some beans and rice then take a nap on it. 🙂

    Go Saints! Go Cavaliers!

  2. The pillow remains infallible in its mojo.

    We blame the Unknown Who Dat.

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