Leprechaun Christmas

As many of you know, I am one-half of the news anchor duo that introduces the now-infamous Mobile Leprechaun story. Since it first aired in March 2006 on WPMI, my former station, the story has taken on a life of its own.

Consider this: The original YouTube video has eclipsed 12 million views, earlier this year Bill O’Reilly asked if the story is racist, at least two websites are dedicated to it (WhereTheGoldAt.com and WhereDaGoldAt.com), there is a Facebook fan page and VH1 recognized the video as one of The Greatest Internet Superstars.

Now the story has invaded my family. My cousin recently got engaged to a young lady who is a big fan of the Leprechaun story. When she found out she was marrying into the family of the “Leprechaun news anchor” she was way more excited than she should have been. Her future brother-in-law pounced on the chance to embarrass her and presented the book pictured on the left (click to enlarge) to both of us at the family Christmas gathering. He designed the whole thing. Scary, I know.

Funny stuff. And the humor never gets old.

For those somehow unfamiliar with the Mobile Leprechaun phenomenon, here’s a link that explains it all.


  1. Jim Loznicka says:

    To me, it look like a leprechaun to me!

  2. congrats on your 15 minutes (or more, sounds like) of fame

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