Sean Payton Twitter Imposter

A bogus tweeter started the @Sean_Payton twitter account and proclaimed it to be “the official twitter account of Sean Payton, Head Coach of the New Orlean Saints.”
That raised one eyebrow, then it linked to, which doesn’t exist. His real foundation website is here.
A number of people fell for the ruse; the account actually had more than 200 followers when it was suspended. But reading the tweets made it pretty clear that the real Sean Payton wasn’t behind the account. Especially since, just a little while ago, he said “just finished a good practice.”
The Saints are off today. And the grammar was awful.
The line below seemed to be the premise behind it all.

People if I get 200-anynumber of followers by the end of the week i will donate 5k to the lovely people of Haiti so follow me and RT this

Some people should never be allowed to touch a computer.

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