Winding Down

Orlando, FL – I’m posting tonight from the lobby of the Sheraton hotel, right off Interstate 4 and an exit away from my former station, WESH 2. I had a nice dinner tonight with some old morning show friends and visited the station for a while. The journey continues bright and early tomorrow morning and we should arrive in Ft. Lauderdale in the early afternoon.

Have you noticed that all the national “experts” continue to write off the Saints? It’s a familiar script that was followed for the Cardinals and Vikings games. Is there a logical reason for it? The Times-Picayune pointed out yesterday that the Saints have played five teams with 10 or more wins. They beat four of them. The Saints play in a tougher conference. The Saints played a more difficult schedule. Tell me why the Colts are favored? Is the “experience” of four years ago worth five points? I don’t think so.

Meanwhile, if you have a few (more) minutes to kill, check out this story about New Orleans TV stations splitting up staffs to cover the Super Bowl and Saturday’s elections.

More from here tomorrow morning! Check back often.

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