Colts News Conference: Caldwell

Here are the news conference comments from Colts head coach Jim Caldwell, e-mailed from the NFL, addressing the differences in the Saints defense since the last time the teams played:

“It’s like night and day, obviously, because of the fact that it is a totally different scheme. The structure is different. One thing about the NFL is that they change the personnel on a team a significant amount within one or two years. I think they’ve gone through that type of metamorphosis. What we see today is a very talented team defensively. They are a defense that gives you all the problems that you can handle. From a schematic standpoint, they stretch you in terms of blitz, man coverage, zone. They have numerous packages to affect your protections and route-running. They are very aggressive as well. So, it is a very good team and I think, obviously, that it is a totally different situation from when we saw them several years back.”

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