Colts News Conference: Manning

Peyton Manning talks about the Saints being the sentimental favorite in Super Bowl 44. Here are his comments e-mailed by the NFL:

“We certainly understand that we may not be the team that everybody is cheering for in this game. We are okay with that. It is going to be two great teams playing against each other. I think the Super Bowl, as far as non-New Orleans Saints, non- Colts fans, somebody is going to pick a team to follow and they are probably will pick the Saints and that is fine. Obviously we talk about all the stories this week. When it comes down to the game though, it gets down to the X’s and O’s. I think the more you can block out on the outside the better you are going to be on just focusing on how to move the ball against (Will) Smith, (Darren) Sharper, (Jonathan) Vilma. How to stop (Drew) Brees and their offense. That is what it comes down to all along. Once the game starts that is what it is really about.”

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