Super Sunday

Ft. Lauderdale, FL – I’m updating this morning from the hotel business center because my iPhone took a dive last night into a pond in the lobby.

I was chatting with WDSU morning anchor Melanie Hebert when my wife called. As I answered the phone and lifted it to my ear, it slipped through my hands, bounced on the ledge behind me and tumbled into the water.  Melanie made sure she snapped a few pics as I was trying to rescue the phone with the help of one of our news photographers.

So…all the pictures and videos I’ve shot on the iPhone this trip are gone. I did upload most of the videos to my YouTube channel, but a lot of the pictures were never transferred to a computer.

Now I plan to hustle over to the nearest AT&T store, which is about 20 minutes away, and replace the drowned phone.

Meanwhile, I’ll head to the stadium at 2 p.m. today for what promises to be a long day/night/morning of Super Bowl 44 coverage. Assuming I am able to replace the phone, I’ll update from the stadium here and on Twitter.

As we get closer to game time, I’ll also unveil my score prediction.


  1. Don’t worry Scott I will post the pictures of you over the rail in the pond very soon. Guess the rice didn’t work. And, you do have such a long day ahead… must have been tough to wake up around noon! 😉


  1. […] Anyone who followed my journey to the Super Bowl in Miami knows my beloved iPhone drowned in a hotel pond. […]

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