iPad Review

At first I wasn’t crazy about the iPad. I couldn’t justify adding it to my tech arsenal considering I already had an iPhone, desktop PC and a laptop. Where would it fit in?

After I played around on it for a second time, I realized the device was too cool not to have. And I think yet-to-be-developed apps will make it a more valuable resource in the future. Some of the just-released apps are really amazing. Yahoo, ABC, TweetDeck, USA Today, eBay, Pandora, The Weather Channel, The New York Times and more are visually stunning and easy to navigate.

The virtual keyboard is easy to get used to. Nothing on the market today compares to the touch screen interface. Web browsing is blazing fast for a device this size. Find a netbook that surfs the Internet faster.

Some will argue the iPad is a luxury item. That’s partially true. But there are legitimate reasons to believe that this is a game-changer. I’ve used the iPad more than my PC or laptop since buying it last Wednesday. The possibilities are endless.

I did have the same problem many others are having. The iPad would not stay connected to my home’s wireless network. After reading about solutions online, I adjusted my screen brightness (?) and haven’t had a problem since.

All in all, this is a device that intrigues and excites me. And I know I’m not alone.


  1. The on-screen keyboard is definitely easy to get used to. For heavy typing I paired my Apple wireless keyboard with it via Bluetooth and it rocks– instant laptop with removable touch tablet.

  2. (typing on iPad now)

    What excites me about iPad is not just what it can do now, but what it will be in the (very short) future. OS 4 appears to be an amazing update and will arrive this fall for iPad. Lack of flash is somewhat a bummer, but it has conditioned me to find workaround solutions. Printing support would be a HUGE plus as well. I have used iPad so frequently that it has replaced my laptop entirely (gave it to wifey) and I use LogMeIn to connect to whatever desktop I choose remotely (another hack-around solution).

    What awesome device!

  3. Mary-Clare says:

    I also hesitated on the Ipad purchase — actually husband surprised me with one for early birthday present–he is getting the 3G model when it comes out so we can use it when we travel ( he can use in car while I drive LOL!!)–anyway I also have hardly used my laptop since I got this. Amazing!! Am looking forward to the new OS 4 update..have not had any connection problems and have taken it to several wifi locations with no problems either. Love It

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