Live in Grand Isle

Bridge Side Marina | Grand Isle, LA | June 6, 2010

The oil disaster is one of the biggest stories — if not the biggest story — I’ve covered. It could end up being the biggest story of our time. Recognizing this story’s importance, we’re taking our newscasts on the road this week. I will anchor WDSU News at 4, 5 and 6 live from Grand Isle Wednesday-Friday.

I spent the day there today and will return Tuesday morning to file more stories for the newscasts. Talking to people there was heartbreaking.

>A fourth-generation oyster fisherman can no longer provide for his family. All he’s known for 46 years was stolen from him 49 days ago. His livelihood gone. He says there is no Plan B.

>An 8th grader — an excellent student — teared up when she talked about what the oil spill crisis has done to her family and friends.

>A seafood restaurant owner has to tell his customers when they walk in that he can’t sell shrimp, oysters or crabs. He says a few loyal locals and the news media are the only things keeping his doors open right now.

>Erin Brockovich is using her celebrity to speak for the sick fishermen who are afraid to speak for themselves. Many fear losing their clean-up work with BP.

All of the above will be included in our newscasts from Grand Isle.

My observations:

>Empty boat slips at Bridge Side Marina (pictured). Nearly all of them.

>Home after home for rent.

>No tourists on the beach. Desolation. The only people there are news media, curious onlookers, Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Deputies, BP reps and clean-up workers.

>Boom along the beach as far as the eye can see.

>Oiled pelicans being brought in and cleaned at Sand Dollar Marina. Constantly.

>Oily water at the Marinas

We’re setting out to tell personal stories over the next several days — stories that spotlight those fighting to survive this disaster. I hope you’ll join us for this special coverage.


  1. I’m seeing more and more of that post-Katrina “thousand-yard stare” in these people’s eyes … except this is likely worse, long-term, than Katrina.

    Are there any mental health services down there? The strongest, proudest person can break down under these circumstances.

  2. Clarescoffee says:

    Thank you for keeping us informed and keeping these personal stories in the forefront..

  3. As always, exceptional coverage! I just wish, and I am sure you do too, that it was for a more “feel-good” story than this disaster. This is a story we will be reporting on for the next decade here along the Gulf


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