Wednesday Coverage Notes

Port Fourchon, LA — I’m writing tonight from the camp I’ve taken up residence in for the next couple of days. I’m staying about 10 minutes away from our broadcast location at the Bridge Side Marina. Dodi Vegas, the marina’s owner, told me today that business is down 80 percent. 80 percent! On a typical day she used to see up to 4,000 fishermen come through. Now, on a good day, it’s more like 40.

The stories like hers are endless here. Everywhere you turn, someone has something they’d like to say. Unless, of course, they work for BP.

Speaking of BP, tonight at dinner we were sitting a table away from some people who work for the leaky oil giant. How did I know? Their shirts. I’m all for supporting the company and all, but if you work for BP and you’re in this community and you’ve ruined lives, should you wear the shirt to dinner at a seafood restaurant? I wouldn’t. No way.

WDSU’s live coverage continues tomorrow at 4, 5 and 6 p.m.

P.S. It’s hot.

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