Newsroom Resolutions for 2011

Social media website Lost Remote came up with a great list of 10 things newsrooms should shoot for in the new year.

I especially like this one…

9. Expand Your Social Media: Most newsrooms have a Twitter feed and a Facebook page. Good start. Now you need to take the next step. Have many Twitter feeds. Think of them as RSS feeds – you want people to be able to drill down as much as possible. I’m not a huge fan of mandating a feed and page for everyone who is on-air. Such an approach usually means that most of these efforts will get a certain amount of effort to start, and then go largely unused. I like the topic approach better. Have a breaking news feed. Have a sports feed. Let your assignment desk run a feed. When there is an ongoing story, dedicate a Twitter feed to it – and claim the URL best associated with the event, as in I know it goes against the “our brand means everything” mindset. You can still have your brand on the page.

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