The WDSU Team on Twitter

Twitter_256x256Here’s an updated list of the WDSU gang on Twitter, not including me.

WDSU News at 4: @WDSU4PM
News Anchor Camille Whitworth: @CamilleWhit6
News Anchor Norman Robinson: @NormanRobinson1
News Anchor Melanie Hebert: @MelanieHebert
Reporter Siemny Chhuon: @Siemny
Reporter Travers Mackel: @TraversMackel
Chief Meteorologist Margaret Orr: @MargaretOrr
Meteorologist Jay Galle: @JayGalle
Meteorologist Patrick Crawford: @MeteorologistPC
Sports Anchor Fletcher Mackel: @FletcherMackel
Sports Anchor Keli Fulton: @KeliFulton
Web Editor Kayla Castille: @KaylaC

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