A Day for Leprechauns

Today is St. Patrick’s Day, the day each year that brings the Mobile Leprechaun back to life. I hear about it throughout the year, but this is the day that brings the most attention to the YouTube sensation born in March 2006. With nearly 18 million views on the original leprechaun video, about 4 million more than last year, the story rolls on.

Five years after its debut, Gambit’s Lauren Laborde took a trip down Leprechaun memory lane with me…

Despite a career as a news anchor in several different cities, Scott Walker may always be known as a YouTube star. Well, one by association.

“I’ve probably been seen on YouTube by more people than in all the news casts I’ve ever anchored in my career,” Walker says.

And WDSU.com posted my behind-the-scenes explainer of how the story came to be…

The now-legendary “amateur sketch” was auctioned off on eBay by WPMI and the proceeds donated to charity. I think it pulled in close to $1,000.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day…especially to the good people of Mobile, Alabama.


  1. luv the leprechaun story Scott! I get a laugh everytime i see it. it was one of those “priceless” events!! you should totally sell the coloring book that was made for you about it!! happy leprechaun day to you and yours!

  2. Doug Shelton says:

    One youtube video actually captured the “Crichton Leprechaun” on film. If you look closely in the fork of tree the “leprechaun” can easily be identified by its pointy little ears and beady little eyes. Though seldom seen these “leprechauns” are actually very common. The Crichton Leprechaun was/is simply a cute Southern Flying Squirrel.


  1. […] A few months ago around St. Patrick’s Day, I did a full explainer of how the Leprechaun phenomenon came to be. If you live under a rock and have no idea what I’m talking about, familiarize yourself HERE and HERE. […]

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