Video: Behind-the-Scenes at WDSU

In the past week, I shot and edited the four videos below using my iPhone. Each took 10-15 minutes to produce.

I anchor the 4, 5 & 10 p.m. newscasts, so I had time to aggravate a few people before the 6. For the first video, I shot a few minutes before the newscast and a few minutes into it. It wasn’t time consuming at all and gave viewers some insight into what goes on behind the cameras.

For the second video, I asked WDSU’s Facebook audience what they wanted to see around the station (the break room, makeup area) or know about its people. I answered their questions when I posted the video before the 10:00 newscast. Again, it was easy to do and it allowed us to connect with some of our viewers on a more personal level.

For the third video, it was more of the same — answering questions from the Facebook crowd (“How big of a diva is Norman Robinson?”) by posting the answers later in the night.

In the fourth video, I followed-up on a story we did the night before on storm damage at a business in Old Metairie. It happened right by my house, so before I went to work I stopped by to check on the owners during the clean-up and shot video and still pictures. It was posted on our Facebook page and well before the follow-up on our newscasts later in the day.

I also posted all the videos to my twitter feed.

This is all part of an effort at WDSU to get the anchors and reporters more involved in posting video and pictures on the WDSU Facebook page. We have almost 22,000 fans, the most of any TV station in New Orleans. Our belief is that they deserve relevant content and not just teases ahead to newscasts.

It’s easy to do, it’s immediate and it’s the future. Is your TV station producing interactive video?

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