Pictures: The Raging Mississippi River

The first four pictures were taken from the levee under the Huey P. Long bridge along River Road (1). The next five were taken a little farther downriver on River Road, across from Ochsner Hospital (2). The current is raging and it’s a pretty impressive sight. Still, the water has a very long way to go before anything in this area is threatened.


  1. John Walker says:

    The Huey P. is UPSTREAM from Ochsner … you got your directions backwards.

  2. Thanks, John. I sure did. It’s correct now.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wht diffrnc does it make up or down stream its still high anal.

  4. Kent Fletcher says:

    Is the bridge being renovated? Been too many years since I’ve been across it. Good Luck, NOLA!

  5. Yes, big bridge expansion. Long overdue.

    • Hi Scott, I live in Mississippi. My son, however lives in Bridge City,La. just blocks from the Huey. I was wondering if you’ve been to the westbank to take photos or plan to. Reason I’m asking is I found one isolated report that the levee is cracked by the bridge and was wondering if this is true. Found it at this link –
      I’m really worried that once the river crests, the pressure will just push the top of the levee off where it’s cracked. I’m too far away to check it out for myself and I found your post while looking for more info on this situation. Maybe you could help an old worry wart mom out and go see what’s going on by the bridge. I haven’t had any luck on the internet trying to find any reports other than fox’s. Either which way it goes, thanks for listening. Ms. Bobbie

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