My Credit Card Theft Story

During a recent weekend away, I opened a tab at a pool dining area. My credit card was out of my possession for about four hours. During that time is when I suspect it was “duplicated,” either by skimming or someone simply copying the number. While at work the next day I received a fraud alert email. I quickly called the credit card company and was told someone was trying to rent cars at the Long Island Railroad in New York. They succeeded on the first attempt, but the card was declined moments later when another attempt was made.

The credit card company was vigilant and prompt in its response. They took care of everything and that type of monitoring makes me feel more secure. But criminals will always take advantage of opportunities.

I mention this because I pride myself on going to great lengths to protect my personal information. My cards are rarely out of my possession, but all it takes is once. Be mindful of that and check your statements closely. My advice is to always use credit cards. Debit cards give thieves access to your entire bank account and it may take longer to recover that money. Credit card companies usually take care of things pretty quickly.


  1. Lorin Gaudin says:

    Hi Scott! Just had my credit card number pirated on Saturday as someone was trying to buy gasoline in PANAMA!!! Shut down my card, once again (this happens about 2 times a year), and like you, I am very cautious with my information…

    Glad we caught our problems quickly! And yes, eyes on bank account all the time!


  2. I quickly closed my account as well. I had a new card in two days.


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