Atlanta TV Station Allows Viewers to ‘Check In’ to Newscasts

GetGlue is the entertainment equivalent to FourSquare. It allows its users to check in to nationally syndicated and distributed media content, rather than physical locations. Now you can count at least one TV station in that number…for now. Atlanta’s NBC station, WXIA, is the first local TV station to offer the option.

In a release, the station says “11Alive has made it a priority to increase audience engagement and interaction through social media. The Atlanta-based NBC affiliate has over 67,000 Likes on its primary Facebook page. Its brands, anchors, reporters and producers have a combined Twitter following of over 85,000 Twitter users.”

This is a great idea…and another way TV stations can allow viewers to better connect with their newscasts. It’ll be interesting to see how many TV stations will be on GetGlue a couple of months from now.

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