Saints’ Remarkable Run Makes Past Forgettable

I read this article by John DeShazier in today’s T-P and it got me thinking. As Saints fans, we’ve become a pretty spoiled lot. That’s ok, but it’s still worth noting.

With a 22-17 win over the Titans on Sunday, the Saints locked up their third consecutive 10-win season. That’s never happened before. They also secured a trip to the playoffs for the third year in a row. That’s happened only once before.

Saints Under Payton

Here’s what Sean Payton and Drew Brees have done during their time in New Orleans:

2006: 10-6 (NFC Championship)
2007: 7-9
2008: 8-8
2009: 13-3 (Super Bowl Champions)
2010: 11-5 (Playoffs)
2011: 10-3…and counting

North, Stram, Phillips, Nolan, Ditka — all head coaches we’d like to forget. But give credit to Mora and Haslett. They’re responsible for the first playoff appearance and win, respectively.

Wilson, Walsh, Everett, Shuler, Tolliver, Hobert, Blake and Brooks — all quarterbacks we’d like to forget. Brooks did lead the team to its first playoff win, but still. We want to forget him.

But the failures of the past set up the successes of today. We can stand proud and call ourselves Saints fans. The Saints organization is now universally respected around the league, not mocked. Paper bags? Those are strictly for groceries now.

It goes without saying that the Payton/Brees combo has taken the Saints to heights never before seen in these parts. But have you stopped to take it all in? The Saints are in the middle of the greatest run in team history. Barring injury, Drew Brees still has several good years left. However long it lasts, enjoy the ride. Hard times will come again. When they do, reflecting back on this era will be a refreshing trip down memory lane.

Prior to 2006, reflection always led to frustration and reminders of unfulfilled dreams.

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