Half Marathon Training

I recently decided to confirm my insanity and run the Rock & Roll Half Marathon in New Orleans on March 4th. I never thought I’d run a 10k, much less 13.1 miles. But here we go.

I’ve been loosely training for the half since October 31st when I ran the Children’s Hospital Jazz 5k with ‘Team 6.’ I started tracking mileage on October 29th and finished the year at 98.75 miles, with two long runs (8.5 & 9 miles) at the end of the year. I challenged myself to hit those marks because I needed to give myself the confidence that I could actually do this thing. Mission accomplished.

I’ll update my progress here and let you know in the next couple of weeks for whom I’ll be running.

Below is a bar graph of my runs in 2011. I LOVE my Nike+ Sportswatch GPS, by the way. It changed the way I run. I highly recommend it.

Anyone who has some training tips to offer, comment below.


  1. How did the sports watch change the way you run?

    • It’s just a great device. I used to listen to verbal cues from an app and really couldn’t look at my time because the iPhone was on my upper arm. I just prefer easily looking down at my wrist. The online support is exceptional as well.

  2. Don’t under-train! Ha. I did a half in Tucson and a full (San Diego Rock and Roll). It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done (the full). Set a good pace, get great music and just settle into it. The half is very doable. Follow a good plan of eating and don’t eat too much. You shouldn’t need much for fuel during a half, but if you bonk out, grab a gel and you’ll be back to finish the race. Once you tackle the full marathon…I have all kinds of things to warn you about!

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