Half Marathon: Help Me Raise Money!

If you have a healthy child…or two or three, please read this. I have two and feel like this is the best way I can help. You can help, too.

I’ve decided to run my first half marathon for Tripp Roth, the little boy in Ponchatoula who suffers from a rare genetic skin disease called EB (Epidermolysis Bullosa) or the worst disease you’ve never heard of.

Tripp has lost eyesight and speech from scarring, breathes with the help of a tracheal tube and takes sedatives to get through the three hours it takes to bathe him every other day. His entire body is wrapped in protective bandages. Tripp hasn’t played outside in more than a year and his mom Courtney spends her days inside their Ponchatoula home, holding him in a rocking chair.

My goal is to raise $5,000 for Debra of America and increase EB awareness. 

Please read Tripp’s heart-wrenching story then visit my fundraising page. No child should have to deal a disease like EB.

Thanks in advance for your support…and help me spread the word!

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