Half Marathon: Training Update

We’re now 57 days from the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon.

I ran 5.5 miles Sunday for my “long” run of the week. I’m battling through some major soreness in my lower left leg right now, but it should be fine in a few days. Hopefully.

The fundraising total has reached $1,680 in just one week! Thanks to the many donors for their tremendous generosity. The goal is $5,000 and we’re 34 percent there!

My running stats:
–  5.50 miles today
– 15.5 miles this week
–  17.71 miles YTD
–  114.48 miles since October 29th
–  9.57 per mile average

CLICK HERE to see why I’m running and please donate if you can. It’s simple, fast and totally secure.

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