Half Marathon: Fundraising Update, PSA & More

Fundraising: So here we are 45 days away from the half marathon and a ton of generous donors have helped me SHATTER the original goal of $5,000. As I type this post, the total raised is just shy of $8,000!

Did I mention we have 45 days left?

I’ve already upped the goal twice…first to $10,000 and now $20,000. Do I think we can hit that? Absolutely. That and more.

The response from people I know and those I’ve never met has been overwhelming. So many people have been touched by Tripp and Courtney’s story and want to do something. To join the Team Tripp project and/or donate, CLICK HERE. “Joining the team” means helping raise money. Once someone joins, all the money raised goes into the same fundraising pot.

PSA: We’ve secured the domain name RunningForTripp.com. It’s easier to remember and redirects to the fundraising page. It’s the web address we use in the PSA that is now airing on WDSU.

Training: I’ve run 15.07 miles so far this week with a long run of 8 miles ahead of me this weekend. Year-to-date I’ve run 37.82 miles. Since October 29th, the day I started focusing on the half marathon, my total is 136.57 miles. My average time is 9:57 per mile.

Excellent work by my chiropractor (Dr. Dave Edwards at Source Chiropractic in Metairie) has gotten me back to running pain-free. He fixed up the strained tendon in my lower left leg that had bothered me for a couple of weeks. He’s like Mr. Miyagi.

The journey continues. I hope you’ll join me!

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