Attention Wisconsin!

My open letter to the people of Wisconsin:

Dear Wisconsinites,

I had a chance to spend time in your great state last September. I was in Green Bay for the Saints/Packers season-opener and was very impressed with your hospitality. But I did, in fact, leave. I’ve only been in your state one other time, and that was during a visit to Kohler in 1998. I say this to assure you I’m not your governor and this isn’t his website. You should see the traffic I’m getting from Wisconsin!

As you’re well aware, your governor, Scott Walker, is set to face a recall election on June 5. I fully expect visits to this site and emails to increase exponentially in the coming days. And that’s fine. I’ll be just as welcoming to you here as you were to me there.

There are people though who are a bit confused, like the person who tweeted his family’s support to me this morning. There are many others like him. Reach out to them. Reveal the truth. Let them know that I have much better hair than your Scott Walker…and I’ll be in New Orleans anchoring the news on June 5.


The OTHER Scott Walker

When I was in Green Bay last year there was a meeting of the Scott Walkers at Lambeau Field. Here’s that interview:

{Click to Watch}

Here are some of the other fun stories we did while in Green Bay:
> WISN-TV interviews me about my name
> The PackerPlex
> Packers Hall of Fame
> Titletown Brewery


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