The Other Scott Walker

Scott Walker and… Scott Walker.

This has been humorous for me more than anything, people confusing me with the Governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker. It’s been going on for some time now, but heated up last year when I spent a week in Green Bay covering the Saints/Packers season opener.

I get a lot of traffic from Wisconsin on this website daily and many of my twitter followers live there as well. Some know I’m not that Scott Walker, others don’t.

Now, a couple of days ahead of Gov. Scott Walker’s recall election, comes this article from the Wauwatosa (WI) Patch. The writer, Jim Price, stumbled upon my Open Letter to the People of Wisconsin, thought it to be interesting, and interviewed me last week while I was vacationing in Orlando. Here’s an excerpt:

There are many Scott Walkers in the world, and quite a lot of Tom Barretts as well, only two of whom are running for governor of Wisconsin.

In fact, there are at least three more of each in Milwaukee alone, according to online directories, and no doubt they take some ribbing from friends and likely get some unusual comments from strangers for their names’ sake alone.

But it’s unlikely even these homegrown soundalikes are as often mistaken for a certain candidate in the upcoming election as is a Louisiana man well known in his own right – Scott Walker, news anchor at WDSU TV in New Orleans.

“The other Scott Walker,” as he has taken to calling himself lately, has been hearing about his Wisconsin doppelganger for years, and more and more in the past year.

Click HERE to read the entire article and HERE for a photo gallery from the Green Bay trip.


  1. Wait this isn’t the Governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker’s page? Dammit…

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