WDSU’s Isaac Coverage and You

During our Hurricane Isaac coverage, I (along with my co-anchors) appreciated all the info provided by our viewers. I apologize for not being able to respond to everyone. I read all the messages, posts, emails and comments, but between FB and twitter, it was impossible for me to keep up, despite my best efforts. Thanks for fueling the social media aspect of our coverage. Real-time information is invaluable and it drastically improved our ability to bring important information to you instantly. Whether it was power outages, storm damage, flooding, toppled power lines or people trapped inside their homes, we got the word out quickly.

Getting through 12 hour shifts on the anchor desk is grueling, but the interaction with our viewers makes the time go by faster. Thank you for your viewership, timely information and flashes of humor. Hopefully none of us have to go through something like this again anytime soon.


  1. Just want to personally Thank You for your efforts and All you do to keep us updated and informed!!

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