‘Today’ Viewers Upset About Another Anchor Change

There was a time in the not-too-distant past when NBC’s ‘Weekend Today’ split the anchoring duties among three people — Lester Holt, Amy Robach and Jenna Wolfe. Robach left a few months ago to join ABC News and ‘Weekend Today’ decided to hire Erica Hill, formerly of CBS’ latest morning incarnation, to anchor both days. Wolfe was shifted to news reader. Now viewers are upset and comparing Wolfe’s treatment to that of Ann Curry a few months ago. Some are even using Wolfe’s perceived demotion as a verb, saying she got “Curried.”

I like Erica Hill. I’ve liked her since her CNN days. She is head and shoulders better than Jenna Wolfe. People shouldn’t always get jobs just because they’ve been around a while. Change is good…and in this case, I think ‘Weekend Today’ set itself up nicely for the future.

For her part, according to the New York Times, Wolfe tweeted last week that she was staying at “Today” because there was “more to be done here.” Hinting perhaps at her displeasure, she added, “Mom once said change is good, but I think she meant my diaper.”

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