Another Social Media Misstep: Donald Trump’s Twitter Tirade

Twitter is a very powerful tool. And the more followers a person has, the more powerful it is. Lady Gaga has 31 million followers. President Obama has 23 million. Ellen DeGeneres has 14 million. Twitter provides a large audience. One misfired tweet can cause a firestorm of controversy and billionaire Donald Trump is the latest celeb to get caught in the crossfire.

Trump has nearly two million followers and he gave them quite a show on election night, calling for a “revolution” at one point because of the re-election of President Obama. He has since deleted a number of the controversial tweets, but the wheels of social media were already spinning. Hitting the delete button doesn’t really get rid of a tweet. People have already retweeted it and reacted to it within seconds of the tweet appearing on their timelines.

NBC’s Brian Williams critically mentioned Trump’s epic rant during election coverage and that sent Trump into more of a tailspin as he railed against Williams, ratings and Nightly News.

Trump’s twitter behavior on election night should be yet another example to celebrities, athletes and business leaders of what not to do on social media when you’re a public figure. You hurt your name, you hurt your brand and, most of all, you hurt your reputation. But I’m guessing at this point Trump doesn’t really care about that. He said as much yesterday — in the third person.

“The fact is that there’s a large group of people who like Donald Trump and what Donald Trump says,” says Donald Trump. “I have no regrets.”


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