Former LSU Running Back Cecil Collins Reflects on 13 Years In Prison

Cecil ‘The Diesel’ Collins was a major talent at LSU in the late 1990s. His NFL career seemed limitless as long as he could keep his off-the-field life in order.

He couldn’t.

Collins, drafted by the Miami Dolphins in 1999, became the team’s starting running back in his rookie year. Late in that season he was sentenced to 15 years in prison for breaking into a house. Now in year 13 of that sentence, Collins says prison likely saved his life and helped him shed ‘The Diesel.’

“I think ‘The Diesel’ is the guy that got me in trouble,” Collins said in an interview with the Miami Sun-Sentinel. “The Diesel ran in clubs, ran with the wrong people. The Diesel didn’t know how to handle all the money or celebrity coming in.”

It sounds like Collins has turned his life around and learned a very tough lesson along the way.

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