Cowboys Fan Questions the Resolve of Saints Fans

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This was posted on my Facebook page by a friend of mine who is a Cowboys fan (I know, I know). Here is my response:

There is a small segment of bandwagon fans, but I think the majority of people who call themselves Saints fans are real fans who have been through the thick and thin. I don’t think it’s fair to say fans have “dwindled off” since the Super Bowl run. The passion has been just as strong every season since. I think all the issues surrounding this season have sapped the team and fans of some of that passion. It’s frustrating that our coach lost a season and, as fans, another year of the Drew Brees era was wasted. All home games have been sold out since 2006, and while today is a sellout, I think you’ll see a lot of empty seats in the Dome. It’s not because of dissatisfaction with the team. Fans were on board and passionate and loud through the 0-4 start, the climb back and until the last gasp last week. Now that the playoffs are out of the question, I think the fans are deflated…and frustrated…and angry. Not with the team or the coaches, but with the NFL. It’s been a season like no other team in the history of the league has had to deal with. Saints fans aren’t dwindling, they’re regrouping.

What are your thoughts? Agree or disagree?

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