SWTV Year in Review (Part One)

2012The last 12 months have been a whirlwind. Here’s a look back at the first six months of 2012 and how they were covered on this website. Part two will be revealed Monday.


> I announced that I would run my first half marathon to raise money ($5,000 goal) for research into EB, the disease that took the life of Ponchatoula’s Tripp Roth
> We played New Orleans trivia with the Saints
> I had an Evan Baxter moment
> A guy fell asleep at the State of the Union
> Margaret, Camille and I answered makeup, hair and shoe questions
> A guy fell asleep at the State of the Union
> I had an Evan Baxter moment


> I profiled a 10-time DWI offender who was still driving
> My half marathon fundraising total eclipsed $19,000… then $20,000then $25,000
> Norman Robinson and I take over the WDSU Parade Tracker in Isis
> We covered Mardi Gras 2012 and captured some great sights and sounds


> I ran the half marathon and had raised more than $42,000 at race time
> ‘Team Tripp’ posed for a photo after the half marathon
> I did a post-race interview on WDSU News This Morning
> I recapped my half marathon run
> The T-P’s Dave Walker wrote about the run
> My half marathon fundraising total passed the $45,000 mark
> I looked back at my 2008 interview with then-Sen. Barack Obama
> The Mobile Leprechaun story celebrated its 6th birthday
> My half marathon fundraising total hit $45,000
> A reporter was upstaged by a rooster
> The Saints were informed of the bounty scandal punishments
> I attacked WDSU reporter Travers Mackel
> I wrote about the Saints bounty scandal
> Sean Payton released a statement regarding his bounty punishment
> Rumors of Bill Parcells to the Saints heated up
> Ron Burgundy announced an ‘Anchorman’ sequel on Conan
> We won the Mega Millions jackpot…sort of


> We had double trouble on WDSU News
> The Saints’ new Nike uniforms were unveiled
> NBC’s Matt Lauer announced he was staying at ‘Today’
> I ran the Crescent City Classic
> And ‘Team Tripp’ showed up there
> Sean Payton began his suspension
> We toured the BP oil spill-tainted areas two years later
> I did two stories (here and here) about what we saw
> I filled in for Drew Brees


> I featured an NOPD horse with a connection to racing royalty
> A viewer found her way back to WDSU
> My on-set pen mishap
> A trial date was set for the 10-time DWI offender
> I posted some behind the scenes videos
> The Times-Picayune announced it would soon only publish three times a week
> I had to break it to the people of  that I wasn’t THAT Scott Walker


> My PackerPlex sports feature won a first place award
> Someone in Wisconsin didn’t like his Governor and took it out on me
> I began to enjoy my role as the other Scott Walker
> Election night tweets targeted the wrong Scott Walker
> I ate crackers on a coffee filter
> I gave up and just became Gov. Scott Walker
> I addressed the Scott Walker confusion during WDSU News at 4
> The Times-Picayune laid off 200 employees
> I shot another behind the scenes video
> Ann Curry tearfully departed the ‘Today’ show
> I received an irate viewer email

* The SWTV Year in Review (Part Two) will be revealed Monday

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