> WDSU is Hiring a Digital Editor

The WDSU web team is hiring! For the successful applicant, you’ll be doing what you already do — playing on the internet all day — but getting paid for it! What a deal.

Here are details about the job:

The mandate of the Hearst Television Digital team is to deliver timely and accurate news and weather coverage across the station’s multi-platform offerings, optimizing user engagement. The DIGITAL EDITOR supports this mission by writing stories and publishing content from various origins, including WDSU editorial staff, wire services and other news sources. Material is presented on multiple platforms. The DIGITAL EDITOR reports to the Digital Media Manager.

And here’s what you’ll get to do:

Writes and edits material for target audiences, integrating engaging and creative text, still images and video components; links to relevant Internet resources in an appealing and thoughtful presentation for multiple platforms, including online, mobile, tablet, and social media (Facebook, Twitter and e-mail). Updates, revises and expands developing stories. Collaborates with station management, reporters, photographers, assignment editors and producers to build daily web and mobile content. Provides added content and social media value to reports initially developed by broadcast journalists. Executes digital content plan on station-guided big events and major breaking news and weather. Provides digital content/social media/operations support to complement station programming, marketing and sales efforts. Integrates user-generated content as part of “crowd sourcing” to complement our professional content.

And the guy pictured below is who you’ll get to work with — Clint Durrett, the best in the business. Or at least the best within 25 feet of my desk. He also promises a labyrinth of computers and a bottomless supply of Post-It Notes for his future co-worker.


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