Hey ESPN, Lay Off the Pelicans

HornetsLook, New Orleans Pelicans will be the name of New Orleans’ NBA franchise next season. Get used to it. ESPN has spent several hours today mocking the name and wondering if anyone in New Orleans will wear the team’s jerseys, shirts and hats.

Yes, we will.

We’re a prideful city. We’ll rally behind the name and the players and the team.

A lot of nicknames sound funny at first, but is Pelicans any worse than Penguins? Or Browns? How about Texans, Crimson Tide and Hoyas? Or maybe Bills, Wizards or Wild? Is Pelicans any worse than Hornets?

Personally, I like the name. I think it’ll grow on us, like most names do. Does anyone complain about the Mercedes-Benz Superdome anymore? Nope. At least Pelicans connects to Louisiana (it’s the state bird, if you didn’t know). Fans have screamed about changing the team’s name to something with which they could identify, so there you go.

New Orleans Pelicans is happening. Let’s embrace it.


  1. Anonymous says:

    I personally like the name and will be proud to wear any state logo from our state.. Pelican is a slow bird but we will show everyone that we are sure and step up!!! Go New Orleans Pelicans!!!

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