It’s Super Bowl Week in New Orleans

photo 1

ESPN’s SportsCenter broadcasting from outside the Jax Brewery in the French Quarter.

The national spotlight is officially on New Orleans.

It started this morning with several radio and TV programs airing shows from their homes away from home in the Big Easy. ESPN’s Mike and Mike in the Morning and parts of SportsCenter originated from outside the Jax Brewery. Their backdrop is the exterior of New Orleans Hamburger and Seafood. The weather is spectacular and the “beauty shots” of the city look great. Colin Cowherd, on ESPN Radio, has been gushing about the Crescent City on his show this morning. The positive press that will be going out to the world for the next week is invaluable. City and tourism leaders are surely thrilled. This type of free publicity will prove to the remaining doubters that New Orleans is back and is still is a world-class destination.

Super Bowl XLVII means a $432 million dollar economic impact and 111 million eyeballs across the world watching on Super Bowl Sunday. 5,000 media members are credentialed to cover the event and 23,000 hotel rooms within walking distance of the Superdome will be jammed.

It’s hard to believe 11 years have passed since New Orleans last hosted the biggest championship in sports. Let’s soak it up and enjoy this week. Who knows when the city will get this chance again.

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