EA Sports/Madden Bowl Party Quite the Spectacle

The NFL took over the Wyndham Hotel on Convention Center Blvd. and renamed it the Bud Light Hotel for Super Bowl week. The hotel itself though is really just a small backdrop for the parties there this week.

I attended the EA Sports/Madden Bowl party last night with some friends and was very impressed. Once you pass through heavy security at the hotel doors, you cross Convention Center Blvd. on an elevated walkway and enter a giant tent in the Riverwalk parking lot. Inside, there is a big stage, a huge floor area and an elevated VIP area.

Early in the evening, Drew Brees and Jimmy Graham were playing an intense game of Madden ’13 on XBox. Later, as the crowd thickened, OutKast’s Big Boi took the stage. He was followed by New Orleans-born artist Lil’ Wayne. That was around 12:45 a.m. I left around 1:00, but the party wasn’t close to ending.

I’ve said this all week, but the city looks great. People I’ve talked to are overly impressed with our people, hospitality and ability to put on a massive show.

The Super Bowl is still more than 2 1/2 days away, but so far so good.

Well done, New Orleans.









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