Five Questions With Actor and New Orleans Native Wendell Pierce

Wendell PierceMy goal will be to do one of these “Five Questions” interviews every week. If you know someone interesting who you think should be featured, email me. We kick things off with a great first guest: New Orleans native Wendell Pierce.

Wendell Pierce, a graduate of Ben Franklin High School and the Juilliard School, is an accomplished actor with a great love for the city he calls home. He grew up in Pontchartrain Park and will soon open a new chain of fresh food grocery stores in the New Orleans area. Pierce’s recent TV credits include roles in HBO’s The Wire and Treme. In 2011, he played a police detective in Horrible Bosses.

While battling the flu, Pierce was able to answer…

SW: What is it about New Orleans that makes its natives so passionate and ready to defend the city against anyone who dares to challenge it?

WP: There’s no place like home. At times we go too far and can’t hear constructive criticism, but it is a love of the place that made you who you are. It’s where your loved ones are. The people that connect you to your past, and will most likely be there for your future. That’s precious and we are protective of that.

SW: With Treme’ coming to an end, what’s next on your radar?

WP: I have a movie out now called PARKER with Jason Statham and Jennifer Lopez. In France I’m in a movie called MOBIUS. This fall I’ll be on NBC in a new show with Michael J Fox. More importantly, I open STERLING FARMS on March 26 at Lapalco & Ames, new fresh food grocery store chain.

SW: If you could have 10 minutes with anyone in history, who would it be and what would you talk about?

WP: That changes all the time: Michelangelo (prolific), Ida B. Wells (courageous), Anton Checkov (creative), Martin Luther King Jr. ( spiritual genius) but ultimately Jesus Christ. He had the greatest impact on the world, whether you believe or not.

SW: When you have to get out of town, where is your “go-to” place?

WP: If I told you that then it wouldn’t be my “go-to” place. Ok, it’s a small island in the Bahamas. 10 bungalows on a 3 mile beach. Perfect getaway.

SW: What’s your favorite snoball place/flavor?

WP: Grape flavored “Huck-a-buck” in a Dixie cup from my own freezer.


  1. What a cool idea! Great start, looking forward to the next one.

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