The Perfect Gadget for Reporters: Zaggsparq Portable Charger

hero-shot-zaggsparq-6000I’m not one to share information about products liberally. If I write about it — or talk about it — I’ve used it for a while and I consider it to be excellent.

The Zaggsparq Portable Charger is perfect for news people on the go or people like my wife who never remember to charge their phone. Charging the unit overnight will give you four full charges on the top of the line model, two charges for the middle model and one charge for the basic model.

I bought the four-charge model for myself ($99.99 – purchased on sale for $79.99) and the two-charge model for my wife ($69.99). I keep mine in my bag and have it at work or on the road and “juice” is always accessible. My wife keeps hers in her purse or car and when she hits a crisis point (“I’m at 15%!”), she can charge up wherever she is. Connecting via a USB port, the Zagg charges your device quickly. According to the users manual, the chargers will hold their charge for several weeks if left turned off. I’ve never let mine get that far.

The four-charge model is the thickest one, but it still won’t intrude much on a purse or bag. Moving down the line, the cheaper models, because they offer fewer charges, get slimmer.

If you’re on the go a lot and want convenient, easily accessible power, this is your new must-have gadget. Keep an eye on the website, too. These items go on sale often.

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