Five Questions With Jazz Trumpeter Jeremy Davenport

jeremy_davenportJeremy Davenport is a Jazz trumpeter and singer. He’s really good, but that doesn’t tell half the story.

In the past decade, he’s become a vital part of the New Orleans music scene. Jeremy’s not from here, but it seems like he is. Born in St. Louis in 1970 to musically inclined parents, his fate was kind of predestined. Jeremy moved to New Orleans in 1989 and his plan was to stay for six months. That was 24 years ago.

He holds court every Thursday-Saturday night at the jam-packed Davenport Lounge inside the Ritz-Carlton on Canal Street. He lives in the hotel, which I’ve always thought would be cool.

In between spa treatments, Jeremy got around to answering…

SW: What was your “Plan B” if the whole trumpet playing thing wouldn’t have worked out?

JD: I never had a plan B. With music, art, sports, etc….I’m fairly certain if you have a plan B, plan B becomes plan A.

SW: When did you start playing and who inspired you?

JD: My parents are both musicians. I was surrounded by music my entire life. My dad bought me trumpet when I was 5.

SW: You live at the Ritz in a super luxurious suite. Women throw themselves at you. The lounge in which you play has your name on it. What else is left?

 JD: Very funny! I want to continue to improve and grow as an artist and make more recordings!

SW: What is your routine on the nights you perform?

JD: I try to catch a quick nap on gig nights. Though 90% of the time I can’t fall asleep.

SW: What is the key to making your hair stand up in the front so perfectly?

JD: I have a special apparatus in my suite. It hangs me upside down and then one of my support staff sprays my hair with a special formula designed in Sweden. It usually holds for about 1 hour. I have to repeat the process several times throughout the evening.

Follow Jeremy on Twitter: @JeremyDavenport


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