Five Questions With Norfolk Anchor and New Orleans Native Blaine Stewart

blaine-stewartBlaine Stewart grew up on the Westbank of New Orleans and graduated from L.W. Higgins High School in Marrero. He kicked off his radio and TV career in New Orleans at 17 years old at WDSU-TV (good choice!), WWL-TV and the old “Mix 104.1” radio.

He has worked at WTKR-TV (CBS) in Norfolk for the past six years as the morning and midday anchor. Blaine admits to an unhealthy obsession with pandas and fruit pies (separately, of course).

During one of his early-morning coffee IV drips, Blaine answered…

5 qs

SW: Anchoring mornings are tough. I did it for a nearly a decade and it certainly wears on you physically and mentally. I drank A LOT of coffee and ate bananas. What gets you through the grind?

BS: Bananas and coffee must be a morning anchor thing. I go through a pot of coffee and eat two bananas most mornings. I tweet (@BlaineStewart) a lot during our four hours of morning news. That helps break the monotony and keeps me on my toes. Doing morning TV was always my dream, so I’m a very happy guy.

SW: What is your most embarrassing on-air moment and is it on YouTube for the world to see?
BS: It involves a candle, my co-anchor’s hair weave and my foot in my mouth. After 100,000 Youtube views and a feature on — lesson learned. Here’s the proof:

SW: What do you miss most about your hair?

BS: Absolutely nothing. Bald is beautiful! Though, I’ve had to increase my sunscreen budget.

SW: What is your most memorable interview?

BS: Not sure there’s one particular person that stands out. It’s more of a series of stories. In 2003, I was the military reporter for a station near Fort Benning in Georgia. I covered the deployment and return of the 3rd Brigade during Desert Storm. Through two weeks of daily homecomings, I cried every time. The look on a military spouse’s face when their service member returns is priceless. That will stay with me forever.

SW: McKenzie’s or Tastee Donuts?

BS: Depends on what we’re eating. Glazed donuts or king cake? Nothing beats Tastee. But, I have fond memories of eating McKenzie’s blackout cake with my grandmother. It was her favorite. Great, now I’m hungry and homesick.

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