Five Questions With Former Saints WR Joe Horn

Joe Horn, a Saints Hall-of-Famer and Pro Bowl wide receiver, played for the Black and Gold from 2000-2006 and set the Saints’ career mark for receiving touchdowns with 50, a record since eclipsed by wide receiver Marques Colston (58).

Horn was a colorful character with the Saints, often dazzling the media with his postgame comments or in-game antics. Horn’s touchdown celebrations were a memorable part of his repertoire, but the one that topped them all came during an ESPN Sunday Night Football game against the New York Giants in 2003 (Was it that long ago?!). Horn scored his second touchdown of the game (he had four that night), pulled out a cell phone from under the goal post padding and pretended to call someone. The team was penalized 15 yards and Horn was fined $30,000.

In 2010, Horn re-signed with the Saints so he could retire with the team. Horn parlayed his success on the football field to success in the business world. He now sells his own barbeque sauce called “Bayou 87.”

Between appearances at area Rouses Supermarkets, Horn answered…

5 qs

SW: What was your best moment as a Saint?

JH: Going back to the dome when the naysayers said we would never be back there. It was my most memorable, exciting time as a Saint!

SW: Were you often misunderstood? (Not sure what this answer means but hey, it’s Joe.)

JH: Why training camp was so long when it didn’t matter as much as talked about!

SW: What is your analysis of the Saints 7-9 season last year and the upcoming season with the return of Sean Payton?

JH: The team playing with revenge in CAPS . It’s like your father leaving home and you missing his guidance leadership. Then one day he rides up, returning home (and) all the bullies that took advantage of u gotta pay!!!!

SW: The best thing about Saints fans is…

JH: Their ride or die to the dirt when the chips fall. If we lose the city can be upset but if someone else talk smack Louisiana Saints fans going to War!!!

SW: True story: My 7 year old son is the pickiest eater around. He would not eat meat AT ALL until my wife decided to drench some sausage and cocktail weiners in your BBQ sauce. Now he can’t get enough of it. How do you explain this?

JH: Your Son is a BAYOU87 junkie and Joe Horn loves it. Every day all day BAYOU87 BABY BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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