Two Thumbs Up for Mid-City Panera Bread


The new Panera Bread in Mid-City has been open for a grand total of two days. I stopped in tonight for a sandwich and some much-needed coffee.

I had no idea how much people were looking forward to this place opening. I mean I like Panera Bread and all, but I overheard FOUR people expressing their utter joy in the first five minutes I was here. As I sit at my table, there is a genuine happiness in the air. Seriously. One guy just talked proudly and loudly about how he was one of the first in line at the newly-opened Office Depot next door. What’s going to happen when Five Guys opens?! And Winn Dixie?!

The line moved fast and my food came out fast. After I ate, a worker passed through and gave me a free oatmeal cookie sample! Now that’s service.

Welcome to Mid-City, Panera.


  1. It was packed at lunch today (right across the street from Gambit World HQ), but the line moved quickly and the employees were cheerful pros.

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