My Saints/Cardinals Game Day Predictions


The Saints take on the Cardinals at noon in the Superdome. He are some things guaranteed to happen. I know because I bounced the ideas off my 3-year-old. Check back after the game to verify my prognosticating ability.

– The Saints’ offense will score 35+ points, giving it a much-needed confidence boost.

– Cardinals star and former LSU standout Patrick Peterson will return a punt for a touchdown (or cause some kind of similar chaos on a particular play).

– Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer, who frequently pours cement into his shoes before kickoff, will be sacked four times.

– Saints defender Kenny Vaccaro will intercept a pass.

– Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan will order the roasted Cardinal off the halftime menu.

– Saints quarterback Drew Brees will throw a long touchdown pass to rookie wide receiver Kenny Stills.

– Cardinals running back Rashard Mendenhall will be held to fewer than 75 rushing yards.

-At the end of the day the Saints will be 3-0, beating the Cardinals 38-17.

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